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An Optimal Learning Environment for NYC Dogs & Humans

Canine Behavioral Health Campus

Located in vibrant East Harlem, our 6,000 sq ft fully licensed facility is like no other in New York City. Like all Instinct facilities, we are staffed 24//7 by skilled, compassionate behavior professionals. 

Spacious Play Yards

Unheard of in Manhattan, we have 2,000+ sq. ft. of private, fully fenced outdoor space to play and train. Multiple yards allow for plenty of outside time spent learning, exploring, playing, and soaking up the sun.

Designed for Learning

Our campus was designed by canine scientists to facilitate learning and support the behavioral health of dogs in our care. From paint colors, furniture choices, and traffic flow, to enrichment and activity stations, every element was selected to help dogs and humans feel relaxed and comfortable.

'Real Life' Rooms

Our real-life learning spaces allow for effective teaching and behavior therapy that transfers. We have multiple comfy living room areas, a dining spot, and even a veterinary room complete with scale and exam table.

Gradual Exposure

Our large, street-facing front yard is perfect for behavior therapy and puppy socialization. It offers safe, controlled exposure to city sights and sounds, other dogs, and more.

Private Kennels

Between activities, dogs rest in safe, clean, quiet kennels. Our kennel area offers dogs their own private space to get the rest they need to stay happy, healthy, and ready to learn. We provide comfy bedding, fresh water, in-kennel enrichment, and a rotating selection of classical music, Disney cartoon classics, and talk radio.

Instinct East Harlem, NY

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