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We help Hudson Valley dogs and humans co-exist together, peacefully and happily. Our trainers are certified and veterinarian-recommended, use positive methods, and welcome all breeds, ages, and behavior issues.

Ready to get started with a practical, positive, and effective training & behavior program? Give us a call at 914-639-6999! We’d love to learn more about your goals and your dog’s behavior.

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Instinct is a top-tier organization that builds genuine, supportive relationships with their clients and pets to improve everyone’s wellbeing.

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Just click the button to get started with a 60-min Kickoff Consultation or a free 15-min Discovery Call. Our custom, positive reinforcement Private Coaching, Home School, and Puppy Board & Train programs are individually designed to help you achieve your goals, while meeting your dog’s unique behavioral needs – as a species, a breed/mix, and an individual. So you and your dog can live a happier life together. 

What We Do

Learn more about the services we offer at Instinct Hudson Valley.

Private Coaching

(Private Lessons)

We use collaborative coaching and canine behavior science to help you make progress toward your goals while prioritizing your dog’s behavioral health.  

Home School + Coaching

(Day Training)

Fast, fun and effective! We visit your home to work with your dog multiple times per week, then provide collaborative coaching sessions to bring you up to speed.

Puppy Camp + Coaching

(Puppy Board & Train)

We use a powerful combination of positive reinforcement puppy sleepaway camp and collaborative coaching sessions to help your puppy grow into a confident, resilient family member.

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Our team of certified trainers, behavior consultants, and board-certified veterinary behaviorist partners uses a collaborative, team-based approach to help you and your dog reach your goals.

Tour Our Campus

Location scouting is currently underway for our brick-and-mortar canine behavioral health campus. Until then, we’re fully operational to help with in-home and virtual coaching; Day School programs; and positive reinforcement Puppy Camps.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know our behavior professionals and leadership team.

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Helper Dogs

Meet our canine helpers, who provide invaluable help to our coaches and clients.

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Instinct Hudson Valley, NY

Serving Lower Dutchess County & Poughkeepsie area; North Westchester County & White Plains area; and Lower Westchester County & New Rochelle area

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Instinct Puppy Camp + Coaching FAQs

Where do puppies stay during Puppy Raising programs?

Puppies live in a loving home with a highly trained, professional Instinct Puppy Raiser.

Can I visit my puppy during Puppy Camp?

Yes! All puppy camps include visits/lessons, along with lots of photos and progress reports.

What is my puppy's daily schedule like during Puppy Raising?

Puppies enjoy a predictable daily schedule that includes walks, playtime, training time, snuggle time, and crate time/quiet time.

What will my puppy learn during Puppy Raising?

This depends on your training goals, length of program, and puppy’s age, but generally, we focus on starting to get your pup on a house training schedule, getting them comfy in a crate or pen, exposing them to sights, sounds, people, and other dogs in a safe, positive manner, and working on basic puppy manners including chew toy training and basic puppy obedience skills.

Isn't it important that my puppy and I bond during this stage of his life?

Owners and their dogs form strong, lasting bonds at all stages of life, whether starting at 8 weeks as a brand-new puppy, or at 5-6 years old as an adult rescue dog. You & your pup will have a lifetime of love and adventures to share together; allowing your pup to learn from experts at this critical stage of development will help ensure they grow into a happy, confident companion.

Can my puppy start a Puppy Raising program before she receives all of her vaccinations?

Yes! We follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior guidelines for puppy socialization and training. Pups must have received their first round of vaccinations at least one week prior to starting a Puppy Raising program, and then must follow the booster schedule prescribed by their veterinarian.

How long does a Puppy Raising program last?

From 1-4 weeks, based on your goals and how long you can handle being away from your pup 🙂

What are your training qualifications & methods?

We use positive, puppy-friendly training methods that focus on building your pup’s confidence, teaching them that the world is a safe place, and helping them develop a lifelong love for learning and training. All Puppy Raisers undergo extensive training in puppy development and have earned a Karen Pryor Academy Puppy StartRight® certificate or Karen Pryor Foundations certificate. All Puppy Raising programs are overseen by certified trainers and behavior consultants with years of experience helping young pups get a great start in life.

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