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What We Get Wrong About Dog Body Language

We're exploring some of the ways we might be missing the mark when it comes to learning about dog body language.
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“My Dog is Humping Me! How Do I Stop It?”

We're answering a reader-submitted question about how to address their dog’s unwanted humping behavior.
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Clingy Dog? How to Build Independence

How to foster more independent behavior in your dog—whether you’ve just gotten a new puppy, or you want to build this skill in your constantly-attention-seeking adult dog.
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Are You Feeling Discouraged About Your Dog’s Behavior & Training Journey?

A simple and sustainable mindset shift that can help you stay motivated along your dog’s behavior & training journey.
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Is Your Dog Overexcited When You Come Home?

How to help dogs who get really worked up when their owner returns home - whether that overexcitement shows up as jumping, barking, peeing, zooming around the house, or all of the above!
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5 Behavior Changes That Indicate Medical Issue

5 behavioral changes in dogs that can sometimes be connected to an underlying medical issue. We also discuss how to prepare for and navigate veterinary visits to help your veterinarian provide you and your pup with optimal care.
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