Dogs Helping Dogs

Our incredible Instinct Helper Dogs provide invaluable assistance in the training of other NYC dogs. These special canine teammates work together with our professional trainers to help socialize fearful and aggressive dogs, teach puppies how to play, encourage nervous dogs to explore, and demonstrate the how-to’s of obedience exercises for our clients.


5 years, Rat Terrier mix

Loves: His Dad
Dislikes: His crate
Superpower: Helping tense, snarky dogs learn to relax and play


CGC 5 years, Shepherd mix

Loves: Brussels sprouts
Dislikes: Waking up early
Superpower: Helping nervous and reactive dogs feel better on walks

Murphy the dog looking cute


CGC 3 years, Cattle Dog Mix

Loves:   Chin scratches
Dislikes:   Cruciferous vegetables
Superpower:   Helping reactive dogs keep their cool



RA, ATD, STDs, CLCRN 9 years, Belgian Shepherd Dog

Loves:   Doing things with mom!
Dislikes:   Hurting anyone’s feelings
Superpower:   Teaching uncouth dogs how to play



4 years, Rat Terrier Mix

Loves:   Snuggles
Dislikes:   Not being snuggled
Superpower:   Helping small, fearful dogs learn to play



5 years, Pit Bull/Hound Mix

Loves:   Flirt Pole
Dislikes:   Being patient
Superpower:   Professional Puppy Nanny



RA, CGC 7 years, American Bulldog Mix

Loves:   Cheeseburgers
Dislikes:   Pretending to be civilized
Superpower:   On-leash greetings with reactive/aggressive dogs

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