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What We Do

Our certified, veterinarian-recommended trainers and behavior consultants use practical, positive methods to help you achieve your training & behavior goals, while meeting your dog’s unique behavioral health needs – as a species, a breed/mix, and an individual. So you and your dog can live a happier life together.

Training & Behavior Therapy

We are committed to your long-term success. That's why our programs include lifetime free and low-cost alumni group classes, so you & your dog receive support and coaching long after your initial program ends.

Private Coaching

(Private Lessons)

We use collaborative coaching and canine behavior science to help you make progress toward your goals while prioritizing your dog’s behavioral health.   

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Camp + Coaching

(Board & Train)

We use a combination of positive reinforcement board & train camp and collaborative coaching sessions to create lasting behavior change together.

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Puppy Camp + Coaching

(Puppy Board & Train)

An extraordinary puppy training experience, especially designed for puppies ages 9-20 weeks! Pups live with & learn from a professional puppy raiser.

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Home School + Coaching

(Day Training)

We visit your home to work with your dog multiple times per week, then provide collaborative, private coaching sessions with you to bring you up to speed.

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Group Learning

(Classes & Webinars)

We offer a carefully curated selection of group learning opportunities, including puppy development classes, alumni-only classes, and webinars & workshops focused on canine behavioral health.

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Behavioral Health Support Services

We offer daycare and boarding services designed to enhance your dog's wellbeing through activity and enrichment.

Daycare for Behavioral Health

Enhance your dog’s behavioral health through specialized daycare that includes enrichment, problem-solving, companionship, and play.

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Boarding for Behavioral Health

We use canine behavioral health science to provide a boarding experience that prioritizes the wellbeing of dogs in our care.

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A great alternative to the traditional dog training methods. The staff is so engaged and committed to you and your dog’s success. It’s remarkable.

Sanjeev P.

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The first step is booking a 60-minute kickoff consultation with your local Instinct.


Instinct is a national team of experienced dog behavior professionals. Learn more about everything your locally owned Instinct location has to offer.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Behavior change science is a process. It can be applied to all breeds, ages, and behavior issues to create positive, life-changing outcomes for humans and their dogs.

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Online School

Instinct offers fun, safe, and free online training and behavior resources developed by our team of trusted, experienced behavior professionals.

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