Behavior & Training Services

Your dog is one-of-a-kind; their training program should be too! At Instinct, every training program we recommend includes a customized curriculum especially tailored to meet your training goals and your dog’s unique behavioral needs.

Whether you’re working on basic manners, puppy socialization, or complex behavior issues, we’ll provide you with a kind, practical training plan and be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

As a complement to our training services, select Instinct locations offer special needs boarding for dogs whose fearful, anxious or aggressive behavior means they require a safe, controlled boarding environment and a skilled, knowledgeable Care team who can meet their behavioral needs.

Our Services

Behavior Consulting

Our certified trainers & behavior consultants are ready to support and guide you and your dog through every step of a custom behavior modification program for fear, aggression, or anxiety issues.

Obedience & Manners

Our certified trainers can help you give your dog the skills & manners they need to live their very best life with you, filled with freedom, fun, and friendship.

Puppy Development

Our puppy professionals can help you guide your pup through this precious period of life, giving them the skills, socialization, and support they need to grow into confident, well-adjusted adult dogs.

Board & Train Camp

Instinct is home to the original #TrainingCampNotBootcamp. For basic manners or serious behavior issues, our unique, positive reinforcement Training Camps help you achieve lasting results. Currently available at Instinct Englewood, NJ and Instinct East Harlem. Available at Instinct Portland for limited age ranges and behavior issues.  Special Puppy Camp options are available for younger pups.

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Boarding for Special Behavior Needs

We offer safe, low-stress boarding for dogs with special behavior needs including fear, anxiety, or aggression issues; and for dogs without issues, whose owners feel most comfortable having their dog board under the supervision of certified behavior professionals. Currently available at Instinct Englewood, NJ and Instinct East Harlem.

Day School

Instinct offers both at-home Day School and in-facility Day School programs, to help your puppy or adult dog work on training goals and enjoy extra enrichment while you’re taking care of other things. At-home Day School programs available at all locations; in-facility Day School programs available at Instinct Englewood, NJ and Instinct East Harlem.

How It Works

Schedule an Initial Consultation

This is where your training adventure begins! During an initial consultation, an Instinct trainer will gather all the information they need to create and recommend 1-2 custom program options to help you meet your training goals.

Enroll in Your Custom Instinct Training Program

This is when we all roll up our sleeves and get to work! Whether you and your dog enroll in a custom Private Lessons program or one of our sleepaway Training Camp options, we’ll be with you every step of the way, listening to your needs and leading you & your dog through the training process.

Join the Instinct Alumni Family

This is when you become part of our incredible Alumni Family – a group of dedicated owners who have completed an Instinct training program, and who receive access to exclusive Alumni-only benefits and services.

Ready to Get Started?

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