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Several years ago, we started to wonder…

What would dog training look like if every dog owner had access to simple, practical resources that helped them understand their dog’s natural instincts, innate drives, and individual behavior needs?

What kinds of results could we help owners achieve if our training programs focused less on teaching “obedience”, and more on establishing healthy relationships, creating dog-smart environments, and implementing practical wellness routines that worked with each dog’s individual nature?

Nature-Driven Nurture™ by INSTINCT®

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming rollout of Nature-Driven Nurture™, the revolutionary new approach to dog parenting and canine behavioral health support that works with a dog’s natural instincts and individual behavior needs.

Rooted in ethology and behavior science, Nature-Driven Nurture™ provides dog owners with a practical roadmap for raising, caring for, and training their canine family members. The approach was developed by Instinct’s team of certified behavior consultants and board-certified veterinary behaviorists. It reflects our best practices for collaborative coaching and canine behavioral health assessment & support – refined over tens of thousands of hours of hands-on training, behavior work, and academic study – boiled down into an effective, intuitive dog parenting methodology that is as relevant to owners raising a new puppy as it is to those navigating complex behavior issues with an adult dog.

Courses. Coaching. Community. Care.

Nature-Driven Nurture™ programming will roll out to Instinct clients over a three-month span covering January through March 2022. Programs will utilize a powerful multimodal learning model that includes individualized coaching, self-paced online courses, community support, and behavioral health-focused care services. The various program elements are designed to integrate seamlessly with Instinct’s current canine behavioral health focus, collaborative coaching model, and alumni support services, and to build upon our industry-leading canine behavioral health assessment tool, launched in May 2021.

By 2023, Instinct intends to weave machine learning and AI into Nature-Driven Nurture™ program design decisions, turning the data collected via its behavioral health assessment tool into powerful knowledge that can help to more accurately assess areas of risk and create optimal training & care plans for individual dogs and families.

Better Results. Stronger Relationships. Happier Dogs.

Nature-Driven Nurture™ helps dog owners achieve lasting, positive results where traditional dog training programs fall short, thanks to the method’s multidisciplinary focus on biology, health & wellness, environment, relationship dynamics, and learning experiences. Owners who use Nature-Driven Nurture™ experience a deeper level of connection, joy, and understanding with their dogs. And their dogs are happier, more fulfilled, more confident companions.

Instinct®, Instinct Dog Behavior & Training®, and the Instinct® dog logo are US Registered Trademarks. Instinct® is in the process of filing a registered trademark application for Nature-Driven Nurture™ with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

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