Live Webinar July 14th: Learn to Speak Dog! - Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Live Webinar July 14th: Learn to Speak Dog!

  • WHEN: July 14, 6pm PT/9am ET
  • WHERE: Facebook Live! (sign-up link below)

Do you wish your dog could talk to you and tell you their feelings?

Your dog is talking to you all the time–just not with words. Dogs use their body to convey their feelings: to give warnings, to signal that they are feeling friendly and playful, and to tell us (or other dogs) that they’d rather not engage at the moment.

During this FREE interactive webinar, we’ll break down how dogs use their entire body to give us clues as to how they are feeling. We’ll help you look at the big picture when reading dog body language: sometimes a wagging tail isn’t the sign of a happy dog – so how do you know when a wag means “come here!” or “go away”?

Join Jessica Wheatcraft, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and owner of Instinct San Diego, and begin to read and speak DOG!

Bring your questions: this webinar will be followed by a live Q&A. Don’t miss it! No recording is available.