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Are You Bringing Your Dog to Visit Family this Thanksgiving?

The top 5 behavior concerns we see arise when folks bring their dogs along on family holidays, as well as our favorite strategies for keeping the trip safe, fun, and conflict free for everyone.
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Does It Really Matter if You Repeat Your Training Cues?

Exploring one of dog training's most popular maxims: "Only Say It Once." It's one of the longest standing and most widely accepted pieces of advice out there. But is it true?
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Are You Familiar with the Protector Position?

Discussing one of our simplest and most impactful handling techniques - the Protector Position - to decrease reactivity and improve overall responsiveness on leash.
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Our (Totally Imaginary) Top 5 Scary Movies for Dogs

It’s spooky season! In this Halloween edition of the Dogs Unknown newsletter, we reimagine 5 popular scary movie titles…if they were made by dogs, for dogs.
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