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Nature-Driven Nurture™ Programs for San Diego Dogs & Humans

What We Do

Our certified trainers and behavior consultants use our Nature-Driven Nurture™ framework to help humans and dogs navigate behavior issues large and small, via Private Coaching, Home School + Coaching, and Puppy Raising Camps.

We are deeply committed to ours clients’ long-term success. That’s why all training programs include access to lifetime free and low-cost alumni classes, bi-weekly Nature-Driven Nurture Q&A’S, and an alumni-only Facebook group.

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavior Therapy for Fear, Anxiety & Aggression
  • Life Skills + Manners
  • Puppy Development
  • Adolescent Dog Behavior Support
  • Senior Dog Behavior Support
  • Service Dog Training

“By far, the best and most knowledgeable trainers we’ve worked with.”

J. Van Anden

Our Services

Following is a list of services we provide at Instinct San Diego. For lots more detail on how each of these services works, check out our Services page on the main site.

One-on-One Learning

Private Coaching

We work together via private lessons to implement a fully-customized Nature-Driven Nurture™ training or behavior change plan.

In-Home and Virtual Options Available; for Puppy Development, Life Skills/Manners and Behavior Issues; Programs start at $507

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Home School + Coaching (Day Training)

Fast, fun, and efficient. We visit your home to work with your dog multiple times per week, then provide collaborative coaching sessions to bring you up to speed.

In-Home Only; for Puppy Development, Life Skills/Manners, and Behavior Issues; Programs start at $2085

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Puppy Camp + Coaching (Board & Train) 

*TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE – try a Home School or Private Coaching program instead!*

Give your puppy an extraordinary start to puppyhood with our positive reinforcement puppy camps, specially designed for puppies ages 9-20 weeks!

Pups stay in the home of a professional trainer for 1-3 weeks; $1475/week

Group Learning

Puppy Pre-K Classes ($35)

When: Saturdays at 9am
Where: Multiple Locations

We know how important early socialization and training is for puppies. In an effort to help more San Diego puppies and their owners, our Puppy Pre-K Classes are set up to help your puppy practice life skills at their individual skill level and practice constructive socializing skills with other puppies and humans around a variety of new experiences. Our Adventure group will spend time learning about your pup’s individual communication style while practicing the in’s and out’s of helping your puppy make their best choices on walks, hikes, patio lunches, and beach runs! We will be rotating class locations so puppies can benefit from socialization to a variety of environments, and these intimate classes are run by our certified trainers. Pups must be in good health, current on vaccinations/boosters, and have been in their current home for at least 7 days prior to attending class. You don’t need to be a current Instinct Client to sign up. All puppies 9 weeks to 6 months are welcome!

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Alumni Classes for Adolescent & Adult Dogs ($35)

Open ONLY to our Alumni family (clients who have completed a series of 3 lessons, home school, or puppy camp program), our alumni classes are designed to give you fun, engaging ways to continue your education together while supporting your dog’s behavioral health needs. 

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Let's Get Started!

Just click the button to get started with a Kickoff Consultation or a free 15-min Discovery Call. Our flexible, custom Nature-Driven Nurture™ programs are individually designed to help you achieve your goals, while meeting your dog’s unique behavioral needs – as a species, a breed/mix, and an individual. So you and your dog can live a happier life together.

What Clients are Saying About Instinct San Diego

Violet & Family

“Brandi trained my young French Bulldog, Violet, over 12 weeks, first for the good citizen test and then for some tasks related to her becoming a trained service dog. Violet and I both love her. Her teaching methodology made Violet very comfortable and eager to learn. Brandi is always very positive. I recommend her to everyone. Brandi is now training my daughters dog.”

Goose & Family

“Jessica W. is awesome! She has helped our family tremendously with our dogs and given us the confidence to handle them in any situation. Both of our dogs have learned proper leash walking, recall skills, as well as “settle” down on the mat. She also helped us to implement fun games and activities which keep them happy and engaged. Our larger dog, Goose, is very high energy! He struggled with overexcitement and anxiety in the home and in new environments, which led to excessive barking, pulling on the leash and other difficult behaviors. Jessica’s training has taught us the techniques to manage his behavior and create an environment for learning and fun, wherever we go!”

Glitchie & Family

“Jess Stone was absolutely fantastic with Glitchie (g), my little rescue. G was a pandemic puppy and while incredibly playful, was very nervous about encountering people and dogs in our housing area, which manifested as aggression. Jess by was great; I watched G pick up life-skills to help her diffuse her energy and anxieties in amazing ways. She was patient, kind, but also vigilant while I got used to the steep learning curve of dealing with a very energetic and leash aggressive dog. It’s been over 5 months since we did training, and g has retained all the life-skills Jess taught her. I look forward to booking follow-ups in the future. I can’t recommend Jess highly enough!”

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