Dogs Helping Dogs

Our Instinct Helper Dogs are invaluable canine teammates who work together alongside our trainers to teach puppies how to play, to be a ‘first friend’ to fearful and reactive dogs, and to give nervous dogs the courage and confidence to explore their environment.


<1 Year, Norwich Terrier

Loves: Being the center of attention
Dislikes: Not having enough to do
Superpower: Helping shy puppies learn how to “terrier” and helping overly rambunctious small dogs learn how to play politely.


1.5 years, Bull Terrier

Loves:   Jolly balls and eating leaves!
Dislikes:   Following instructions
Superpower:   Helping fearful dogs and puppies learn to play


3.5 years, Australian Shepherd

Loves: Fetch
Dislikes: Noisy trucks
Superpower: Helping puppies to learn to play politely


8.5 years, American Staffordshire/Golden Retriever mix

Loves: BALL!
Dislikes: Pedicures
Superpower: Being a calm neutral dog helping other dogs to relax


11 years, mixed breed

Loves: Watching people eat
Dislikes: The mail carrier
Superpower: Helping fearful and reactive dogs feel more comfortable around other dogs


6 years, Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix

Loves:   Finding and eating things that are bad for him
Dislikes:   Pesky rules related to NOT finding and eating things that are bad for him
Superpower:   Helping small dogs learn to relax on-leash in the presence of another dog


7 months, American Pit Bull Terrier

Loves:   Play! Sitting in people’s laps; Giving kisses (whether you want them or not)
Dislikes:   Being ignored
Superpower:   Helping dogs get comfortable with energetic greetings

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