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Instinct Dog Behavior & Training Franchises Offer Help & Hope to U.S. Dog Owners

New York, NY, RELEASE – July 1, 2018

Instinct Dog Training Inc. is delighted to officially announce the launch of its national franchise program for Instinct Dog Behavior & Training® facilities – an exciting step toward the company’s mission of providing help and hope to every dog and owner through kind, practical dog behavior and training resources.

While Instinct’s flagship location in New York City has been operating since 2009 (and has since helped thousands of dogs and owners live together peacefully and happily), the company was just approved to begin franchising at the beginning of 2018. The Instinct franchise program is built on nearly a decade of impressive yearly growth, careful strategic planning, and a relentless commitment to developing proprietary, best-in-class training and operating policies and procedures – all with the goal of bringing practical, positive training to more dogs and owners.

“It’s humbling, having this opportunity to significantly and positively impact the welfare and wellbeing of such a large number of dogs and owners,” said Sarah Fraser, Co-CEO of Instinct Dog Training Inc. “We take our vision – A Kinder World through Dog Training – very seriously, and we believe our franchise program, together with some other exciting initiatives, will help us get there.”

Kind, Practical Help for Dogs & Owners
Dog owners are seeking positive, dog-friendly training for their canine family members. According to a 2018 survey of 240 U.S. dog owners(1), nearly 80% felt that training should “absolutely” be a positive experience for their dogs. That may come as no surprise, but in an unregulated industry with no industry-wide professional or ethical standards and no requirements for licensing, certification, or education, it’s tricky for dog owners to know exactly what they’re getting when they reach out to a dog professional for help. Yikes!

Every Instinct Dog Behavior & Training franchise must adhere to a set of welfare-focused standards and policies developed and reviewed by the Instinct Dog Training Inc. Behavior Leadership team, which is comprised of Certified Dog Behavior Consultants and board certified Veterinary Behaviorists. In addition, all Instinct trainers and behavior consultants must hold specific certifications and participate in ongoing continuing education programs, so dog owners can feel confident that both they and their dog will be treated with kindness and respect.

“In an industry where dog trainers require no special license, certification, or education, we hope to offer dog owners peace of mind in knowing all Instinct training facilities require their trainers to hold certain certifications and to adhere to positive, science-based training methods,” said Brian Burton, Co-CEO of Instinct Dog Training Inc.

Instinct Dog Behavior & Training Services
Instinct franchise facilities offer dogs and owners help with everything from basic obedience and manners to complex behavior issues involving fear, aggression, and anxiety. Service options include:
– Private Lessons
– Group Classes
– Instinct’s popular positive reinforcement Training Camps
– Free Puppy Train & Play classes for pups 9-20 weeks
Puppy Raising Camps
– Free Alumni training classes
– Alumni Boarding
– And more!

Instinct Dog Behavior & Training Facilities
Instinct wants dogs and humans to feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit an Instinct facility. That’s why all Instinct franchises are safe, inclusive environments and are decorated to provide a warm, home-like feel, with wood-look floors, comfy furniture (and dog beds!), lots of artwork, and of course, treat jars and toy boxes aplenty.

Instinct franchise facilities are staffed 24/7, meaning Instinct Campers are never left unsupervised, and all Campers have their own safe, secure private kennels to relax in between the day’s many activities.

Franchise Locations & Partners
Instinct’s first franchise location is slated to open in Northern New Jersey in late 2018 and is owned by board certified veterinary behaviorist Dr. Emily Levine, DACVB, and behavior consultant Suze Cullinan, CDBC. Several other franchise locations are in various stages of discussion and development.

Instinct is actively seeking qualified, dedicated franchise partners in urban markets across the country to join its team and help bring its proven business model to more markets. It’s a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of the recession-resistant pet market, help dogs and owners, and be a part of something bigger while receiving some pretty amazing support services.

Desired franchise partners include:
– Veterinarians and Veterinary Behaviorists
– Certified behavior consultants and certified positive reinforcement trainers
– Investors who believe in Instinct’s vision and mission who can partner with a certified trainer or behavior consultant

Instinct is fiercely committed to finding the right franchise partners, then doing everything we can to help them thrive and succeed – because successful franchisees mean we’re helping more dogs and owners! Interested parties can reach out to us at [email protected] to schedule a discovery call.

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1. “Welfare of American Pets”. Conducted February 2018 by Instinct Dog Behavior & Training. Data collected using SurveyMonkey Audience.

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