Positive Reinforcement


At Instinct, we do #trainingcampnotbootcamp. Whether you need help with basic manners or serious aggression or anxiety issues, our one-of-a-kind, positive reinforcement sleepaway camps are a fun, effective way to achieve LASTING results.

Board & Train Camp

During Instinct Board & Train camp, our certified, veterinarian-recommended trainers use practical, dog-friendly methods to help you enjoy a happier, more confident, more responsive canine friend. All Instinct Board & Train camps include private lessons for you and lifetime FREE group classes to help you follow through with everything your dog has learned. Contact our local Instinct facility today to start your dog on a training adventure!

Board & Train at Instinct Englewood, NJ

Board & Train at Instinct East Harlem, NYC

Board & Train at Instinct Portland, OR

(certain age & behavior restrictions apply)


Where do dogs stay during Instinct Training Camps?

During camp, dogs stay at our modern, fully licensed Instinct training facilities. Dogs have access to private play spaces, training rooms, and dedicated sleeping/resting areas with safe, clean, quiet individual kennels. Staff is onsite 24 hours a day, so dogs always have in-person supervision. Learn about Our Facilities.

Can I visit my dog during Training Camp?

Yes! We know how hard it is to be away from your dog, and that’s why we include weekly Parents’ Day visits for you to come and spend some quality time with your dog during camp. In addition, we sent multiple updates throughout the week with photos or videos to keep you in the loop on your dog’s progress.

What is my dog’s daily schedule like during Training Camp?

Dogs enjoy full days during camp, with a predictable daily schedule that includes a minimum of 4 daily private bathroom walks, morning and evening playtime (group play with other dogs, or individual play with Canine Care, depending on your dog’s needs and preferences), multiple daily training sessions, and in-kennel enrichment including stuffed Kongs, classical musical, and movie time.

What will my dog learn during Training Camp?

This depends on your training goals, length of program, and your dog’s current behavior. At Instinct, we regularly work on: basic manners such as jumping up, pulling on leash, polite greetings, etc.; obedience training such as coming when called, Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, etc.; and behavior modification for reactivity, aggression, fear, and anxiety. Training Camps are tailored specifically to meet the needs of you and your dog. A select number of issues, such as Separation Anxiety and House Training, are not suitable to be addressed via Training Camp.

How can I make sure my dog will still listen once back at home?

Teaching you how to communicate with your dog is a critical part of a successful Training Camp. That’s why every Training Camp includes private lessons for you, to ensure you know how to utilize – and continue to build on – all the wonderful skills your dog has learned. Number of lessons included varies based on length of camp, but most Training Camps include a mix of in-facility and in-home private lessons for you during and after camp; and, all camps include lifetime access to a free, alumni-only Canine Good Citizen group class.

How long does a Training Camp last?

From 1-4 weeks based on your goals and your dog’s current behavior.

Is my dog too old/young for Training Camp?

Instinct Training Camps are for dogs ages 5+ months; most commonly, Campers are between 6 months and 5 years though we regularly have Campers who are older, including some wonderful 11- and 12-year-olds throughout the years. If you have a young puppy aged 9-20 weeks, check out our incredible Puppy Raising camps instead!

What are your training qualifications & methods?

At Instinct, we do #trainingcampnotbootcamp! We are certified, veterinarian-recommended trainers with years of experience helping dogs and owners with behavior issues big and small. We are open-minded and use practical, effective, dog-friendly positive training methods. Learn more about Our Training Teams.

How do I get started?

Use our Facility Locator, then give us a call to learn whether a Training Camp is right for you and your dog!