Instinct Pup Line™ | Live Dog Behavior & Training Helpline

Instinct Pup Line™

Live, on-demand training and behavior helpline

Instinct’s Pup Line™ provides dog owners with live, on-demand access to our certified dog trainers & behavior consultants, for all of your “Now What?” moments.

Our Pup Line is open 7 days a week, from 10am-4pm ET. Just call 1-833-PUP-LINE, and we will provide you with thoughtful, custom advice for your dog training and behavior concerns.

Pup Line™ can help when:

  • you can’t wait for an appointment with a trainer
  • you need immediate access to expert dog advice
  • you need professional guidance at an affordable price
  • you don’t have a trainer close to you who can help
  • …and so much more!

Instinct’s Pup Line is the nation’s first and ONLY live, on-demand training and behavior hotline, and it is long overdue! Because safe, effective, positive dog training & behavior guidance should be accessible and affordable for all dog owners.

Talk with a certified dog trainer or behavior consultant.
No appointment necessary.

Open Daily, 10am-4pm ET

Call Fee: $35

How It Works

Professional dog training help, as easy as 1-2-3
Call Pup Line

A client counselor will confirm a trainer is currently available to help, then take your payment info.

Get Pro Advice

We connect you to a certified trainer who will provide helpful, tailored advice based on your training issue

Receive a Recap

After the call, your trainer sends a report recapping training recommendations & helpful resources.

Ready to Talk Live with a Certified Trainer from Instinct®?

Instinct On Demand’s Pup Line is open daily from 10am-4pm ET.

Pup Line™ FAQs

How much does Pup Line cost?

Our Pup Line call fee is 35 USD.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via all major credit cards. Payment is processed over the phone at the beginning of your call; a receipt is sent to you via email.

What are Pup Line's hours of operation?

Pup Line is open 7 days a week, between the hours of 10am-4pm ET. Hours may be reduced on major holidays.

How long will my call last?

Pup Line calls last a maximum of 25 minutes, starting from the time you are connected with a trainer.

What qualifications do the trainers have?

The trainers at Pup Line are members of our Instinct training teams! They are certified trainers and behavior consultants with years of experience helping dogs and owners with a wide range of training & behavior issues.

What training methods & techniques are recommended?

Like all Instinct training & behavior recommendations, your Pup Line recommendations will include only practical, positive, dog-friendly methods & techniques. Pup Line trainers & behavior consultants will never recommend aversive, punishment-based techniques.

What types of training & behavior issues can Pup Line help with?

Almost anything! We can provide you with targeted, tailored advice and solutions for simple obedience and manners issues. For more serious behavior issues, including fear, anxiety, and aggression, you Pup Line call will focus on providing you with the most important exercises and adjustments to implement to keep everyone safe, comfortable, and peaceful until you are able to start a more comprehensive training program.

Is Pup Line a replacement for other dog training programs?

Pup Line is meant to be complementary to other training classes and programs. Sometimes, a Pup Line call is all you will need to resolve your issues. But many times, Pup Line will give you a nice head start – advice focused on practical, positive, high-impact adjustments to help you & your dog better navigate a particular issue or situation – until you can meet with a local, positive reinforcement-based trainer.

Does Pup Line include post-call support?

Immediately following your call, your trainer will email you a call recap with links to any resources & training recommendations discussed. Pup Line does not include any post-call support via phone, email or text, beyond the emailed call recap. If you are in need of ongoing, consistent training support beyond your initial phone call, we will happily refer you to your local Instinct location, or another experienced, certified dog trainer in your area.

What if I need additional training help after my call?

We are able to provide any additional support you need through our other Instinct Dog Behavior & Training programs! Our board & train and private lessons programs include free, unlimited phone and email support. If you do not live close to an Instinct location, we will happily refer you to a qualified trainer in your area. Just give us a call at 212-828-3647.

Are there ever wait times to speak with a trainer?

We work hard to keep our Pup Line staffed such that dog owners rarely need to wait more than 1-2 minutes to be connected with a trainer. Because we know that if you are calling Pup Line, you want help immediately. In the event there is high call volume, our client counselors will inform you of the current wait time, and offer the option of us calling you back as soon as a trainer becomes available.

I’m not near an Instinct location and I am not an Instinct client. Can I still call Pup Line?

Yes! Pup Line is a national service, meaning our trainers can provide you with immediate, ondemand training & behavior support no matter where you live. If you live outside the United States, please call 212-828-3647 and just say, “I’m an international Pup Line caller.”

Instinct on demand

Instinct On Demand & Pup Line™ services are provided by Instinct Dog Behavior & Training®. For more information about Instinct’s other services, including our signature, positive reinforcement-based Camp + Coaching programs, please visit our training and behavior therapy page.