Maren Couch - Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Maren Couch

Co-Owner, Director of Operations

Maren is co-owner and Director of Operations at Instinct Portland. Prior to joining the Instinct Leadership, Maren spent years working alongside Dr. Pachel as Practice Manager for the Animal Behavior Clinic. As both a professional and volunteer, they have been working with animals and the people attached to them for decades, with experience in the shelter environment, boarding, grooming, and for the most recent 10 years, veterinary team support.

Maren infuses the mechanics of team and business organization with empathy and compassion at every level, hoping to improve the lives of others through understanding, vision casting, and connectivity. They are a strong advocate for the welfare of others and helping individuals meet their needs, whether that be for team members, clients, pets, or the world at large.

Maren participates in canine performance events with their own dogs, and is committed to ensuring healthy, sound, companion and working dogs remain in the population and homes of dog lovers everywhere.