Kaysha Rogers-Schuler - Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Kaysha Rogers-Schuler

Trainer & Behavior Consultant
  • Certified Behavior Consultant – Canine (CCPDT)
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT)
  • Certified Dog Parkour Instructor
Kaysha is a full-time Certified Behavior Consultant and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with Instinct Portland. She offers in-home consultations, private lessons, and home school programs. Kaysha has experience working with complex behavior issues such as reactivity, fear and anxiety, as well as teaching dogs and puppies household manners, cooperative care skills and the joy of engagement through dog sports. Kaysha is a Certified Dog Parkour Instructor with the IDPKA. She competes with her own dogs primarily in flyball but also enjoys Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt, Rally Freestyle and more. Kaysha holds a BSc. from Oregon State University in Animal Science, with an option in Animal Behavior. Kaysha lives outside of Portland with her husband, baby and their five dogs: Rusty (mix), Wiley (border collie/mini american shepherd), Pip (terrier mix), Loki (sheltie) and Archer (mini american shepherd); and their chinchilla, Watson who rules the roost.