Sleepaway Camp

for puppies ages 9 weeks to 6 months

Start our puppy off on the right paw with an extraordinary puppyhood experience! Enroll your puppy in Puppy Camp with Instinct, and he or she will live full time with one of our professional Puppy Raisers for 1-4 weeks to get a head start on everything from house training and crate training to socialization, manners, and basic puppy obedience.

Looking for Board & Train for your adult dog? Our brick-and-mortar facility is opening in 2021; until then, give us a call to learn about other options.

Puppy Raising

Puppy Raising Camps are perfect for busy schedules, vacations, and just plain tricky pups that need some extra training help. Give your puppy the training & socialization experience of a lifetime!
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For pups ages 9 weeks to 6 months
Perfect for busy schedules!
Cost: $1475 per week
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Where do puppies stay during Puppy Raising programs?

Pups live in a loving home with a highly trained, professional Instinct Puppy Raiser.

Can I see my puppy during Puppy Camp?

Yes! All puppy camps include lessons for you, along with lots of photos and progress reports.

What is my puppy's daily schedule like during Puppy Camp?

Puppies enjoy a predictable daily schedule that includes walks, playtime, training time, snuggle time, and crate/pen time.

What will my puppy learn during Puppy Camp?

This depends on your training goals, length of program, and puppy’s age. With younger pups, we often focus on house training, crate training, introductory manners and LOTS of safe socialization to people, dogs, and different sights, sounds and experiences. With older pups, we may focus more on life skills & manners training, as well as troubleshooting mild behavior issues. All camp curriculums are customized to you and your puppy.

Isn't it important that my puppy and I bond during this stage of his life?

Owners and their dogs form strong, lasting bonds at all stages of life, whether starting at 8 weeks as a brand-new puppy, or at 5-6 years old as an adult rescue dog. You & your pup will have a lifetime of love and adventures to share together; allowing them to learn from experts at this critical stage of life will help ensure they grow into a happy, confident companion.

Can my puppy start a Puppy Raising camp before she receives all of her vaccinations?

Yes! We follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior guidelines for puppy socialization and training. Pups must have received their first round of vaccinations at least one week prior to starting a Puppy Raising camp, and then must follow the booster schedule prescribed by their veterinarian.

How long does a Puppy Raising camp last?

From 1-4 weeks, based on your goals and how long you can handle being away from your pup ☺.

What are your training qualifications & methods?

We use positive, puppy-friendly training methods that focus on building your pup’s confidence, teaching them the world is a safe place, and helping them develop a lifelong love for learning and training. All Puppy Raisers are certified and undergo extensive training in Puppy Development. All Puppy Raising programs are overseen by certified trainers and behavior consultants with years of experience helping young pups get a great start in life.

How do I get started?

Call us today at 971-358-8787 to learn whether a Puppy Raising program is right for you & your pup!

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