Day School at Home

The Fast, Easy Path to a Well-Mannered Dog

We know how much you love your dog. We also know that helping your dog through the training or behavior modification process can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. 

Our Home School programs are a fun, effective way to make the learning process easier for you and your dog.

  • Certified trainers & behavior consultants
  • Custom curriculum based on your dog & goals
  • Post-session progress updates & weekly transfer sessions for you
  • For puppies, obedience, and behavior issues
Home School Programs Can Help With

Behavior Modification

  • Barking, lunging, and growling at people or other dogs while on-leash
  • Aggressive or fearful behavior related to petting or handling
  • Fearful or anxious behavior at home or on walks
  • Resource guarding of food, toys, or other objects
  • And more

Life Skills & Manners

  • Coming when called
  • Walking nicely on a leash
  • Listening to obedience cues
  • Learning polite greetings
  • Learning to settle and relax at home and in public
  • And lots more!

Puppy Development

  • Safe, positive socialization with people, other dogs, sights, sounds & objects
  • Help with puppy problems like biting, chewing, and crate anxiety
  • Intro to leash walking
  • Intro to settling skills and basic obedience cues
  • Enrichment and mental stimulation

Home School programs are not suitable for Separation Anxiety, Potty Training, or for dogs who display significant levels of aggression toward strangers who enter the home.

Home School Programs Include

For Your Dog

  • Training sessions with a certified professional, multiple times per week
  • Fun, low-stress learning through positive, dog-friendly techniques
  • Potty break & water bowl refreshed with each session
  • Stuffed Kong provided after each training session

For You

  • A custom training plan tailored to your goals and your dog’s unique learning needs
  • Post-session progress updates
  • Weekly lessons for you, to transfer everything your dog has learned
  • Phone and email support
  • Access to alumni-only services and perks post-program

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