Day School

Continuing Education for the Family Dog

At Instinct, we do #DaySchoolNotDayCare. Our unique Day School programs are a fun, effective way to provide your dog with continuing education to keep their skills sharp and their brains and bodies happy & healthy.

To allow more dogs the chance to spend enriching days outside the home, we offer both Public School programs for dog-social dogs, and Private School programs for dogs who prefer the company of humans. Can’t get your dog to our facility? We have a Home School option, too!

The Smart Alternative to Doggy Daycare

Day school programs are overseen by our certified, veterinarian-recommended training team and focus on:

  • Polishing & improving known skills
  • Teaching NEW skills (Home School Only)
  • Reinforcing good manners & polite behavior
  • Mental stimulation & brain games
  • Physical exercise
  • Social engagement & play

All Day School programs include review sessions for you, too!


Let's Get Started!

Day School Admissions Session (60 min; $175+tax)

For Public School and Private School programs. You and your dog will need to complete a Day School Admissions Session prior to enrolling in an in-facility Day School program. Your Admissions Session will take place at Instinct East Harlem and will include the following activities:


Skills Assessment (15 minutes)

  • We’ll observe you working with your dog in order to learn more about the skills your dog already knows, the cues you use, and how you currently incorporate those skills into everyday life.
  • We’ll work with your dog ourselves, to determine their learning style, preferred rewards and motivators, current skill level, and areas of focus during their Day School program.


Kennel Assessment (20 minutes)

  • We will have your dog spend a mini-rest period in a kennel with an enrichment puzzle to determine their comfort level with kenneling and their preferred kennel set-up.


Play & Enrichment Assessment (20-25 minutes)

  • For highly dog-social dogs hoping to enroll in our Public School program, we will evaluate your dog in an outdoor play yard around at least one other playmate, to learn more about their play style and preferences.
  • Private School program, we will engage them in several different enrichment activities – nosework, obstacle navigation, puzzle exercises, etc. – to determine their preferences

Following your Admissions Session, we’ll determine that a) you & your pup are approved to enroll in a Day School program; or b) you & your pup will need to complete some pre-requisite training or behavior work before Day School is an appropriate & beneficial option.

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