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Professional Dog Training, Behavior Consulting & Boarding

What We Do

We are a team of certified trainers & behavior consultants and welfare-focused care professionals who work together to provide you and your dog with:

  • Fully customized training & puppy development programs to build life skills & manners
  • Individualized behavior therapy programs that deliver lasting behavior change
  • All-inclusive overnight boarding in our fully licensed, 24/7 staffed facility

We welcome all breeds, ages, and behavior issues.

Check out our service options below, then give us a call at (615) 994-8447!

By far, the best and most knowledgeable trainers we’ve worked with.

J. Van Anden

Our Services

Behavior & Training Programs

Private Coaching

You and your coach work together via private lessons to implement a fully-customized Nature-Driven Nurture™ training or behavior plan.

In-Home and Virtual Options Available; for Puppy Development, Life Skills/Manners, and Behavior Issues; Programs start at $525

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Board & Train Camp + Coaching 

We use a powerful combination of positive reinforcement board & train camp and collaborative coaching sessions to create lasting behavior change together.

Dogs stay at our Goodlettsville facility; not a suitable program option to work on potty training/house training goals or separation anxiety issues; Camp + Coaching suitability is determined during your kickoff consultation. $1495/Week

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Home School + Coaching 

Fast, fun and effective! We visit your home to work with your dog multiple times per week, then provide collaborative coaching sessions to bring you up to speed.

In-Home Options Available; for Puppy Development, Life Skills/Manners, and Behavior Issues; Programs start at $2160

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Puppy Camp + Coaching 

Give your puppy an extraordinary start to puppyhood with our positive reinforcement puppy camps, specially designed for pups ages 9 weeks to 6 months!

Pups stay in the home of a professional Instinct Puppy Raiser for 1-4 weeks; $1770/week

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Boarding Services

Boarding for Behavioral Health

We use canine behavioral health science to provide a boarding experience that prioritizes the wellbeing of dogs in our care. Our peaceful Goodlettsville facility offers dogs a serene, nature-filled barding experience, with options for fun add-on services like nature hikes, swimming, and more.

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Group Classes

Alumni Classes

Open ONLY to our Alumni family (clients who have completed a series of 6 lessons, day school, or camp program), our alumni classes are designed to give you fun, engaging ways to continue your education together while supporting your dog’s behavioral health needs.

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Let's Get Started!

Give us a call at 615-994-8447 or email us at [email protected]. Our friendly client services counselors would love to learn more about your dog & your goals.

Or, click the button to get started with a Kickoff Consultation or a free Discovery Call. Our flexible, custom programs are individually designed to help you achieve your goals, while meeting your dog’s unique behavioral needs. So you and your dog can live a happier life together.

Success Stories

Behavior Therapy, Fear + Anxiety, Instinct East Harlem, Private Coaching, Veterinary Behavior Collaboration

Sofrito was having a very hard time settling into life in an urban environment. Noises such as bus breaks, fireworks, motorcycles and revving engines terrified her outside and she had a hard time settling in her apartment if she heard noises from the street. To help Sofrito build a strong, positive relationship with her mom, Natasha, and to use that relationship to help grow Sofrito’s confidence in other areas of her life.
Behavior Therapy, Fear + Anxiety, Instinct East Harlem, Private Coaching, Senior Dog Support, Veterinary Behavior Collaboration

Jacky displayed significant fear-based behaviors in a variety of situations, from cowering and baring his teeth if someone reached too quickly to pet him, to freezing in place and urinating in response to simple obedience cues. He also struggled with impulsivity and separation anxiety. Our goal was to help Jacky regain his confidence as he aged.

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