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Nature-Driven Nurture™ for Nashville Dogs & their Humans

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Instinct Nashville is a fusion of the leadership and training teams from Veterinary Behavior Solutions, Sabra Dog Training, and Rescue Me! Dog Training. Our team members, comprised of certified trainers, behavior consultants, and veterinary behaviorists, have spent the past decade+ helping thousands of Nashville-area dogs and owners navigate through behavior issues big and small. We can’t wait to help you and your dog do the same.

Learn more about our facility, our team, and our helper dogs below. And if you haven’t already, take a few minutes to learn about our revolutionary Nature-Driven Nurture™ approach to dog parenting & care.

Our Campus

Located on beautiful acreage in serene Goodlettsville, TN, our indoor/outdoor facility is like no other in Nashville. It is designed to provide optimal learning opportunities and protect the behavioral health of dogs in our care.

Our Team

We are a dedicated, experienced team of certified behavior professionals that uses behavioral science to create lasting, positive behavior change at both ends of the leash. We are active members of international animal behavior organizations and we host educational workshops for dog owners and trainers. We value collaboration, teamwork, inclusivity, and a growth mindset.

Our Helper Dogs

Our human team is pretty special, but our Instinct Nashville Helper Dogs are the real stars. These amazing dogs support our trainers and serve as skillful canine coaches to the dogs & puppies with whom we work.

Instinct Nashville, TN

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