Help & Hope

Over the past decade, Instinct has grown into a national dog behavior & training company led by a deeply dedicated team of certified behavior consultants and board-certified veterinary behaviorists. Our goal? To change the world for dogs and owners by setting a new standard of dog training and care; a standard of kindness, practicality, and professionalism that allows every owner, regardless of means or location, access to quality dog training and behavior help.

Our Story

Instinct was founded in 2009 in New York City by Sarah Fraser and Brian Burton. Purpose-driven from the start, the company was born from a desire to keep more dogs in homes and out of shelters; dogs who are often deeply loved, but whose owners are without the knowledge or resources to keep them.

Looking Ahead

Our core values serve as our compass, guiding the daily actions and decisions of every Instinct Dog Behavior & Training team member

Our Vision: A Kinder World through Dog Training™

  • By treating every dog and owner with respect and compassion
  • By teaching human and canine students with kindness and empathy
  • By meeting both dog and owner where they are, without judgment, and helping them move forward together

Our Mission: To provide help and hope to every dog and owner through kind, practical dog behavior and training resources.

  • By providing a fun, safe, inclusive learning environment for dogs and owners at all Instinct facilities
  • By designing and executing targeted training and behavior solutions that deliver positive, lasting results
  • By offering access to free, quality online training programs

Our Core Values:

  • Dogs are Family
  • Find the Hope
  • Listen, then Lead
  • Do the Right Thing, Always
  • Be Better than Yesterday.