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Boarding for Behavioral Health

Instinct offers a comfortable, enriched boarding experience for a wide range of ages, breeds, and temperaments. Our facilities and daily activities are designed to prioritize your dog’s behavioral health. Our Fear Free certified teams specialize in safe, low-stress handling and care for dogs with special behavior needs.

How It Works

Our boarding services provide your dog with professional, compassionate care designed to meet their behavioral needs. All boarding stays include:

  • 24/7 on-site supervision
  • Clean, private kennel
  • Multiple daily play, exercise and enrichment sessions designed to fulfill your dog’s needs as a species, breed, and individual. Activities can include:
    • Small playgroups (~2-5 dogs per group), carefully matched by size and play style (only available for highly dog-social dogs with no history of aggression)
    • Obstacles and agility work
    • Scent games/nosework
    • Digging games
    • Shredding & tearing activities (enrichment boxes)
    • Hunting and chasing games
    • Gripping and tugging games
    • Scavenging and foraging games
    • Empowerment games that provide dogs with choice & control
    • Relaxation games
  • Individual potty breaks
  • Caring, low-stress handling by experienced dog professionals
  • In-kennel enrichment, classical music, pheromone diffusers, and visual barriers to create a calm, relaxing environment
  • Administration of any medications and supplements your dog is currently taking
  • Oversight by certified dog behavior consultants

Boarding services start at $89/night, plus applicable state taxes. Prices vary based on location. Currently available at Instinct East Harlem, Instinct Englewood, Instinct Hudson Valley, Instinct Portland, and Instinct Nashville.

“My whole family is so grateful to Instinct – Momo the dog included! We have been boarding our dear, crazy dog intermittently over the last two months while my husband recovers from an emergency surgery. The kindness and breadth of dog knowledge that all the Instinct specialists possess has been so reassuring during this very hectic time. Mom now insists on walking by the Instinct fence on all her walks because she love this place so much.”

Carolyn W.

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Give us a call to learn more! Or, if you are interested in our behavior & training services instead, take the first step by booking a 60-minute kickoff consultation.

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Instinct is a national team of experienced dog behavior professionals. Learn more about everything your locally owned Instinct location has to offer.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Behavior change science is a process. It can be applied to all breeds, ages, and behavior issues to create positive, life-changing outcomes for humans and their dogs.

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Online School

Instinct offers fun, safe, and free online training and behavior resources developed by our team of trusted, experienced behavior professionals.

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