Dog Behavior Consulting NYC
Do you need help with your dog's aggression, fear, or anxiety issues? Our certified, veterinarian-recommended behavior consultants have years of proven experience helping owners of dogs with significant behavior issues. No matter the breed, age, or behavior issue, we can help - so long as you are truly committed to helping your dog become a happy, confident, reliable companion!

Check out our options below, then Contact Us to get started with a behavior consultation! Join our Instinct Alumni community and achieve more than you ever thought possible with your dog!
Instinct Dog Training NYC
Work one-on-one with a certified trainer or behavior consultant on implementation of a behavior modification program designed during your initial Behavior Consult. Behavior sessions range in length from 30-90 minutes to work on everything from dog-dog aggression/reactivity/socialization, stranger aggression/socialization, confidence building, relaxation protocols, counter conditioning exercises for separation anxiety, and much more. CONTACT US TODAY to get started!
Give your dog a helping hand from our certified behavior consultants and trainers. Our effective, positive reinforcement-based Board & Train programs provide your reactive, fearful, or aggressive dog the opportunity to learn in a safe, fun, low-stress environment. We control distractions and set up safe, controlled exposure to stimuli that normally cause aggressive, fearful, or anxious responses. Programs include owner follow-up lessons and access to a lifetime free Canine Good Citizen group class so you can continue helping your dog along the path to becoming a happier, more relaxed and confident companion. Dogs with on-leash reactivity issues (lunging and barking at dogs, people, skateboards, etc.) are excellent candidates for Instinct Board & Train programs.

CLICK HERE for Board & Train camp pricing and FAQs, then CONTACT US to get started with a behavior consult or FREE in-facility 30-minute Meet & Greet (Meet & Greet does not include evaluation or hands-on work).
For dogs with aggression, fear, or anxiety issues. In-depth behavior evaluation, custom written training plan, environmental management recommendations, introductory hands-on training exercises, and follow-up email and phone support. CONTACT US to schedule your behavior consult!
Available at our Facility (60 minutes, $175+tax) or In-Home (contact us for in-home pricing)
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--Abby, owner of rescue terrier mix Bronte, who was exhibiting extreme reactivity (barking & lunging from more than a block away) toward 100% of other dogs.